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Patients and Caregiver Stories


Addressing the airborne spread of COVID-19

A report released earlier this week suggested that COVID-19 may be spread through microscopic respiratory droplets up to several meters in enclosed indoor spaces. While informative for ongoing ...
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Reflections on the pandemic

RIght before they declared a pandemic and during the early stages of China's cases, I was having knee surgery. I was on non weight bearing orders for 6 weeks after then had another 6-8 weeks of ...
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The gift of life

The ventilator pulsed quietly, keeping a steady rhythm, forcing air into lungs that were struggling on their own; supporting a fatigued body too tired to fight. She sat at the bedside, as she had the ...
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Saying thank you to the TrinityCare hospice workers

The Institute for Human Caring participated in a volunteer opportunity to hand out breakfast and a t-shirt to Trinity Hospice Care caregivers in Burbank, Torrance, and Cerritos. The t-shirts had a ...
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Doubting Thomases

July 3, 2020 - I do not believe that it is a coincidence that today is the Catholic feast day of St. Thomas, the Apostle – Doubting Thomas as we have called him through the centuries! According ...
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Thank you Providence Marianwood caregivers

I volunteer with the Issaquah Historical Society. We wanted to give our thanks to all of the wonderful caregivers, so we had a banner made that hangs on the outside wall of our historic train station.
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