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Child of the Earth TrinityKids Care: Virtual Reality Experience
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Why do I need an advance directive?
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How do I start the conversation with my family?
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How do I choose a health care agent?
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  • "Child of the Earth" TrinityKids Care: Virtual Reality Experience
  • Lungs filled with tumors, hearts filled with love
  • Illness Is Personal
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Storytelling and listening are keys to whole person care. Learn more about our partnership with StoryCorps.

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Advance Directive Tool Kit
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Providence St. Joseph Health is committed to providing the best care possible. Download an advance directive tool kit to get started on the conversation. Available in multiple languages.

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We’ve completed an advance directive. Have You?

82% of people say it’s important to put their wishes in writing.


23% have actually done it.

Start the Conversation Source: The Conversation Project National Survey 2013.