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Patients and Caregiver Stories

Reflections on the pandemic

RIght before they declared a pandemic and during the early stages of China's cases, I was having knee surgery. I was on non weight bearing orders for 6 weeks after then had another 6-8 weeks of physical therapy. I was in about week 2 or 3 of physical therapy when the pandemic was declared and people were ordered to stay home.

I was bummed that I was just starting to be able to walk again and now couldnt go out an socialize like I was looking forward to. More that that, I knew what a pandemic meant for my clinic family. I was anxious to get cleared to return to work. As soon as I could I got back to work to do my part on the frontlines. This is what I trained for in school and what I knew would come some day.

When I got back to work I was impressed but not surprised at how well my team had the new work flows tackled, and impressed at how easily and fluidly we move from one change to another. This has not been an easy transition for anyone. I have hope that we will get through this because of the compassion I see everyday, not just with caregivers but with patients, and the resilience people have to the current new normal. Patients are so thankful for our help when they come in to be seen, and I just tell them "Im glad we were here for you".

I miss coffee with friends more than anything else. I try to check in with them via text or call when I can. At home we try to have family time and watch movies. My kids are older so its been easier for them then it would be if they were younger. I think no one, myself included, will be the same on the other side of this. I know for me, going forward, I will try not to take things for granted.