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Hear Me Now

Why Storytelling

Storytelling and listening are keys to whole person care – health care that’s based on emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial needs, as well as medical needs. Storytelling can play a powerful role in relieving stress and building resiliency.

Our goal is to help our community members:

  • Relieve some of the psychological distress that comes from providing care
  • Find comfort and empowerment in sharing their stories
  • Reinforce a culture that respects listening and understanding one another
  • Create audio segments that will be shared to help others better understand whole person care

Moreover, researchers have documented the clinical benefits of storytelling:

  • Storytelling can improve health knowledge and behaviors because stories are memorable and relatable (The Journal of South Dakota State Medical Association)
  • Storytelling helped medical students change their perceptions and develop a deeper understanding of patients with dementia (Penn State College of Medicine)
  • Storytelling helped patients cope with cancer, and hearing others’ stories of living with cancer offered hope (Cancer Nursing)