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Coronavirus Chronicles

The Coronavirus Chronicles is a storytelling and listening project to capture experiences from caregivers, patients and others during the 2020 Pandemic. The Coronavirus Chronicles offers a safe space for you to share heartfelt images, art, audio, video and text stories during this surreal - and often scary - moment in history.

Things to Talk About:

  • What gives you hope?
  • What concerns or frustrates you?
  • What are you not doing now that you miss the most?
  • What incident occurred that you'll remember forever - or would rather forget?
  • What are your coping strategies?
  • What did you do for or tell a patient or loved one that made their day better?
  • What advice would you give your future self?

Videos +

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  • Bittersweet blessings


    Tatiana, a former social worker turned ICU nurse, shares with colleague, Mike, when her mother contracted COVID-19. She was one of the first in the ...

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  • Darby and Sterling share their COVID story


    Teenage siblings, Darby and Sterling, share their COVID stories. All the ways they have learned to cope with keeping up with schoolwork, friends and ...

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  • Fireside chat with Dr. Ira Byock and Dave Isay


    Social-distancing restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic created a longing for human connection – particularly for quarantined patients, ...

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Stories +

  • Delays in seeking care can make matters worse


    Guest column: Delays in seeking care can make matters worse (Missoulian, April 20. 2020) By JOYCE DOMBROUSKI and KEVIN EICHHORN First of all, we would ...

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  • Sending love, thoughts and prayers


    The Northern California Regional Palliative Care Family sends their love thoughts and prayers to all those on the frontlines battling the COVID surges ...

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  • Unknown artist pays tribute to healthcare workers


    Unknown artist pays tribute to the healthcare workers by dressing a statue in Gene Coulon Park in Renton, Washington in scrubs.

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