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Coronavirus Chronicles

The Coronavirus Chronicles is a storytelling and listening project to capture experiences from caregivers, patients and others during the 2020 Pandemic. The Coronavirus Chronicles offers a safe space for you to share heartfelt images, art, audio, video and text stories during this surreal - and often scary - moment in history.

Things to Talk About:

  • What gives you hope?
  • What concerns or frustrates you?
  • What are you not doing now that you miss the most?
  • What incident occurred that you'll remember forever - or would rather forget?
  • What are your coping strategies?
  • What did you do for or tell a patient or loved one that made their day better?
  • What advice would you give your future self?

Videos +

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  • Fireside chat with Dr. Ira Byock and Dave Isay


    Social-distancing restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic created a longing for human connection – particularly for quarantined patients, ...

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  • Work your mask


    Join Amy Compton-Phillips in supporting our caregivers, our essential businesses, the poor and vulnerable communities that we strive to protect, and ...

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  • Illustrating the bravery of our healthcare workers


    Award-winning cartoonist, character designer and illustrator, Alireza Pakdel's illustrations highlight the bravery of our healthcare workers on the ...

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Stories +

  • Radiate Positivity


    Thank you to all those who participated in the Positivity Pursuit photo contest. Last month, the Service Ambassador Committee organized this contest ...

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  • MyCovidDiary research adds to understanding of COVID-19 symptoms


    MyCovidDiary is a clinical research project that uses technology to learn and document COVID-19 onset and disease progression. Sponsored by Providence ...

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  • Shoutout to frontline workers from Astronaut Bob Behnken


    Astronaught, Bob Behnken, a member of the Crew Dragon Demo-2, sends a shoutout to frontline workers down below from low Earth orbit.

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