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Hear Me Now

The Hear Me Now Interview: Step-by-Step

A Hear Me Now interview is about 40 minutes of uninterrupted time to record a meaningful conversation between two people who know one another well. A trained facilitator will be with you throughout to help make your experience more comfortable by handling the technical aspects of the recording.

Here’s what you can expect:

Step 1 - Welcome

The facilitator will welcome you, explain their role and set up recording equipment. The facilitator will also give reminders about the interview process and answer any questions.

Step 2 - Logistics

The facilitator will walk both participants through the initial paperwork, which asks for basic personal information, such as name, address and ethnic background.

Step 3 - Sound Check

Once both participants are ready to proceed, the facilitator will check the audio levels and make small microphone adjustments.

Step 4 - The Interview

While you are talking, the facilitator will keep time, monitor the audio and take notes. facilitators are not interviewers, although they may ask a clarifying question during the interview.

Step 5 - Release Form

When the interview is over, the facilitator will explain the release form, which must be signed by both people who participated together to allow StoryCorps to keep one copy of the interview and archive another at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. In some cases, another copy will go to Providence.

Step 6 - Photos

With your permission, the facilitator will take photos of you and your interview partner both together and separately. These photos will be included with the archived recording. One person, most often the storyteller, will receive a copy of the interview a few weeks later.