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Ever wondered why your medical health insurance doesn't cover dental? Today we explore the confusing and convoluted relationship between dentistry and medicine as we hear why now might be the perfect time for change. Show Less Episode Notes It's crazy how complicated the relationship is between your dentist and your other healthcare providers. There are cultural, institutional, regulatory, and financial barriers that would have to be dismantled for a better system to prevail. And the pandemic may be just the excuse we needed to work on making change. . . Oral Health Stakeholders: A Time for Alignment and Action Millbank Quarterly, 29 June 2021 . Shenam Ticku, BDS, MPH Instructor Dept. of Oral Health Policy and Epidemiology Harvard School of Dental Medicine Boston, Mass. . . Jane Barrow, MPH Associate Dean Office of Global and Community Health Executive Director Initiative fo Integrate Oral Health and Medicine Harvard School of Dental Medicine Boston, Mass. . . Jane Grover, DDS, MPH Director Council on Advocacy for Access, Prevention, and Interprofessional Relations American Dental Association Chicago, Ill. . Making the Case for Dental Coverage for Adults in All State Medicaid Programs ADA Health Policy Institute, July 2021

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