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Episode Summary The Delta variant of Covid-19 is sickening un-vaccinated people – including record numbers of young people – filling ICUs, taxing caregivers, and stoking economic uncertainty. Today we explore the anger many feel with the anti-vax, anti-mask advocates through the lens of two clinicians, a New York Times editorial board member, and a therapist. Show Less Episode Notes We return to two caregivers who poignantly described the Winter Surge in Southern California in our episode "COVID-19 Realities," in January 2021. Listener advisory: The effects on these caregivers of treating unvaccinated patients is startling. . Zahra Esmail, DO Palliative Care Physician Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance, Calif. . Christina Rothans, LCSW Palliative Care Social Worker Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance, Calif. . . We discuss the challenge of getting public health messages to compete with economic messaging in a culture that is predisposed to treat the market with primacy. . Binyamin Appelbaum Lead writer on Economics & Business, author of "The Economists' Hour" The New York Times Editorial Board New York, N.Y. . . Finally, we turn to a therapist to ask about strategies for moving beyond the anger that many feel with the resurgence of serious illness and deaths with the Delta wave – something that could have been prevented with a higher percentage of vaccination. . Alexandra Fleming, MSW, LICSW Therapist

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