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Hear Me Now Podcast | Season 1 - 2020

COVID winter strategies

Nov 18, 2020
Sean Collins, Amy Dickinson, Allie I., Joe Newberry, Maizie B., Gwen Thompkins, Catherine Stifter, Abbot Christopher Jami

As the Northern Hemisphere approaches the first winter of the COVID-19 pandemic, we talked with a group of thoughtful people about their strategies for staying safe yet socially engaged. The physical-distance restrictions we've all lived with so far have been mitigated, in part, by easy access to outdoor activities. That will be harder when the darkness and chill of winter arrive. What's your plan? Episode Notes EAT SMART, MOVE MORE, STAY SOCIAL During our recent episode on Mental Health and the Pandemic, we asked for strategies from Robin Henderson who offered a three-fold plan for staying safe and engaged this winter: We have to eat healthily; we have to move our bodies, and we have to interact with each other socially. She says digital wellness is more important than ever during this pandemic. And she suggests now may be the time to join an online support group or a book club or class to learn a new skill. Robin Henderson Psy.D., Chief Executive, Behavioral Health Providence Oregon, Portland, OR LITTLE MOVEMENTS MATTER Catherine Stifter tells us we can be moving more at home (and restoring balance and function) by making subtle changes in how we arrange the items we use daily. Having to reach (or bend) for something you use every day will, over time, preserve your range of motion. Small, consistent efforts pay off over time. Catherine Stifter, Restorative Movement Instructor, Your Movement Project, Nevada City, CA Catherine on Instagram GO OUTSIDE

Oregon drug decriminalization

Nov 18, 2020
Sean Collins, Andrew Seaman, Mike Marshall, Beau Kilmer, & Janie Gullickson | Season 1 2020

In November 2020, Oregon became the first state in the country to decriminalize possession of small amounts of illicit hard drugs when 60% of voters approved Measure 110. Proponents wanted to stop arresting people for a health condition (addiction). Tax money from the legal sale of cannabis will fund new treatment options for addicted Oregonians. Episode Notes America has been fighting a War on Drugs for 50 years - a war we've been losing. Oregon's Measure 110 is a bold attempt to re-reframe the tactics. It will attempt to shift the thinking from law enforcement to health care. On today's program, we hear from four people who'll be involved in how this first-in-the-nation experiment plays out. They don't all agree on the means to an end, but they do agree on the goal: Get help to anyone who wants it for substance use disorders and stop putting people in jail for what amounts to a complex neurobehavioral disorder with far-reaching social consequences. Read the text of Oregon Measure 110 Andrew Seaman, M.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine Oregon Health and Science University Central City Concern Addiction Medicine Mike Marshall Co-Founder & Director Oregon Recovers Beau Kilmer, Ph,D. M.P.P. Director RAND Drug Policy Research Center Janie Gullickson, M.P.A:H.A. P.S.S. P.R.C. Executive Director Mental Health & Addiction Association of Oregon Co-Chief Petitioner, Oregon Measure 110

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