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Patients and Caregiver Stories


In present times, it seems that misunderstandings bring chaos,

Our Differences bring chaos and separation.

But Sitting in the Silence changes everything.

Quieting my mind from the chaos of the world I live in, my world,

Quieting my mind from the chaos of the confusion, judgments and assessments, my thoughts

Quieting my mind from the chaos of my human mind.

Moving from doing to being

Being love and Understanding

Being understood

That’s the feeling we all seek.

Meaning, you get who I am and I get who you are.

Be it extrovert and bold or humble and meek.

we share a mutual respect.

Giving each other the respect to be and express.

Each of us finding a sense of belonging, of being heard.

But Being heard starts with willingness

Willingness to listen, to communicate,

have a conversation and investigate

The possibilities of a new perspective

Seeking love in all its versions and expressions,

being a love detective.

Cuz When I open up and look around,

Share my experience of my seeming difference,

Hear your experience from the other side of the fence,

We begin the healing of our misguided feelings

And Endless possibilities are found!

And our consciousness is raised

From one of fear towards one of love

Next thing you know, we're no longer phased

And even begin to praise or be in awe of

Individuality within and as part of community.

My prayer is that as we Go within to tap in to the love, the deeper sense of being loved, unconditionally, as whole and complete; that we see the similarities, embrace and give thanks for the differences, so that we may see the beauty around us and in each other

to share this life, this walk on earth.

And so it is. Amen.