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Patients and Caregiver Stories

MyCovidDiary research adds to understanding of COVID-19 symptoms

MyCovidDiary is a clinical research project that uses technology to learn and document COVID-19 onset and disease progression. Sponsored by Providence St. Joseph Health, this clinical research project uses technology to collect and analyze first-person accounts of COVID-19 from thousands of individuals—with the hope of accelerating the medical identification, understanding and treatment of this novel disease.

The MyCovidDiary study is designed to discover what the symptoms of Covid-19 are and how long they last. The project relies on volunteers with COVID-19 to journal, in their own words, what they are experiencing. This collection of first-person accounts of COVID-19 from thousands of individuals will be an extremely valuable resource for understanding this disease. We will analyze the journal entries of participants to create a COVID Symptom Timeline for the disease.

The study is open to any adult testing positive for COVID-19 at one of our labs in the Providence St. Joseph Health System (this includes Providence Health, Swedish Health System, Kadlec, PacMed, St. Joseph Health, Heritage Health and Covenant Health).

All patients who are eligible to participate will be contacted by the MyCovidDiary team via a text message. Sign-ups for the study will be managed via phone.

All study data will be handled with the same security as data in your electronic health record and stored within the health system’s encrypted firewalls. After the study is complete, all patient data will be completely removed from the study database.

Learn more about the MyCovidDiary study at