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Patients and Caregiver Stories

The fear

Every day I check my temperature
I search inside myself, is this allergies?
Am I feeling off, or am I just tired and anxious.
I look through my list
I call my folks, how are you doing?
They invite me back to their homes.
I drive toward their home stopping on my way to use a public restroom
I wash my hands: “ABCD…” and then repeat just incase
I arrive at their home,
I gather my computer and bag
Purell my hands as I knock on the door
They invite me in and I sit in their safe place
I stay 6 feet away, except for getting vitals
I ask how they are how their family are doing
I probe for symptoms and are told of none.
I wipe down my blood pressure cuff, the oximeter and thermometer.
I Purell my hands
From 6 feet we do therapy
I monitor how they are doing and recommend changes to help them progress
I gather my bag and computer heading out the door to my next family.
I Purell my hands
I get in my car and I wipe down my computer with another alcohol wipe
I can’t wipe down myself
The worry starts, was there virus in that house?
Was there virus at the public restroom?
Did I pick something up?
Did I leave anything behind?