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Coronavirus Chronicles

Beyond the Call IHF

A Providence ICU nurse shares that her mother died of COVID-19 at her ministry.

A hearing-impaired caregiver swoons when colleagues unveil homemade, see-through face masks so she can read their lips.

Architects from Los Angeles, Seattle and Spokane send love and gratitude for all who are fighting the pandemic.

These stories and more recently earned Providence’s Coronavirus Chronicles national and international awards for giving caregivers and patients a way to share pandemic experiences.

In November, the Coronavirus Chronicles received a silver Marketing Impact Award from Modern Healthcare magazine, in the Website Campaign of the Year category.

The site also earned special recognition from the International Hospital Federation (IHF), based in Geneva, Switzerland. Entries for the IHF Beyond the Call of Duty for COVID-19 contest came from 27 countries.

The IHF Review Committee found that Providence’s entry, “demonstrated outstanding efforts … in responding to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Today, as in the spring of 2020, nurses, doctors and caregivers on the frontlines and elsewhere are grappling with upsurges of COVID-19 cases. Now, more than ever, they need support.

“We will wear masks. We will keep our distance. We will get through this, together,” said Ira Byock, M.D., founder and chief medical officer of Providence’s Institute for Human Caring. “As the pandemic eventually subsides – and it will – the stories of our caregivers and patients will help us to process, and hopefully learn from, this cruel, global episode.”