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East meets West

By Thao & Elijah Carricaburu

By Thao is Hmong and the mother of a young child who was often sick as a baby. She recounts with friend Elijah Carricaburu how her family urged her to stick to traditional, spiritual Eastern healing practices. But when Western medicine provided a physical cure, the family eventually accepted that there is room for both traditional and modern approaches to illness. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Violin victoria

Lily SlatonBarker & Rena Queja

Lily SlatonBarker is a humble, budding violin virtuoso brimming with charm and youthful exuberance. She shares with friend Rena Queja her musical journey – from the first time she picked up the instrument, to when she won a concerto competition. Edit credit: Sean Collins


A Century of Memories

Ruth Ehrlich & Judith Renwick

Ruth Ehrlich, who is 103, shares memories with her daughter Judith Renwick. She remembers seeing cars for the first time, working as a social worker in New York during the Depression and meeting her husband at a party where she mistook him for a bellboy.


Make friends

Bob Murray & Jenny Murray

Bob Murray, a resident of Providence Horizon House in Anchorage, Alaska, talks to his daughter Jenny Murray about growing up poor in the 1920s, his struggle with learning to read, and the life adventures that led him to an 18-year education career. His advice to her: “Make some friends; share some experiences. Everybody needs friends.” Edit credit: Alaska Public Media


Feeding body and soul

Jackie Beck & Heather Preece

When Jackie Beck nursed her adopted 4-day-old baby boy for the first time, it was as nourishing for his soul as it was for his body. Jackie recounts the profound bonding experience with Heather Preece, founder of Kodiak KINDNESS, a program that offers free infant feeding support to families. Heather remarks that the moment was the highlight of her career. Edit credit: audio by Marina Preece Cummiskey; animation by RockitWorks


Finding comfort with Alaska CARES

A Mother & Mary Sullivan

A mother talks to Providence Foundation philanthropy officer Mary Sullivan about how Alaska CARES helped her son and family following revelations of him being sexually abused. Now a supporter of Alaska CARES, which helps children after the trauma of abuse, she shares their story to let others know that hope and healing are possible. Edit credit: Alaska Public Media


Arresting the help

Fredrick Katelnikoff & Father Innocent Philo

Fredrick Katelnikoff, a security officer at Providence Health & Services Kodiak, shares with Father Innocent Philo the experience and lessons learned as a former village public safety officer (VPSO). VPSOs provide emergency assistance and law enforcement to rural Alaska communities hundreds of miles away from state services. He often relied on help from villagers he had arrested previously for minor crimes – encounters that taught him to treat everyone with respect. Edit credit: Alaska Public Media


From refugee to caregiver

Agnes Twishime & Kathleen Hollis

Born in Congo, Agnes Twishime arrived at a refugee camp in Uganda when she was just three. Now with laundry services at Providence Alaska Medical Center, Agnes shares with Mission Services Director Kathleen Hollis her experience as a child refugee and desire to help care for the vulnerable and those in need. Edit credit: Alaska Public Media


Lessons from leukemia

Willy & Adrianne Shelton

At just 5-years old, Joel Shelton was diagnosed with leukemia. His parents, Willy and Adrianne, talk about how the experience deepened their understanding of their son, and how it has given them a glimpse into the man he will become. Edit credit: Alaska Public Media


Why I became a nurse

Asia Harmeling & Ralph Pasana

Asia Harmeling and Ralph Pasana talk about why they chose nursing. Ralph shares the memory when, as a teen one day, he wanted to spend time with friends rather than care for his grandmother and how that episode influences his work as a nurse today. Edit credit: Alaska Public Media


After abuse, hope for healing

Bryant Skinner & Sara Lovell

Bryant Skinner talks to colleague Sara Lovell about his work with Alaska CARES, a children’s advocacy center. One young girl’s drawings during her therapy to overcome abuse affirm his belief that there is hope for healing. Patient permission was granted to share this story. Edit credit: Alaska Public Media


Riding a wave of love

Lisa Aquino & Tricia Teasley

Lisa Aquino and her husband, Chris, were living abroad when he sustained a traumatic brain injury in a motor scooter accident, leading to weeks of intensive care. Lisa shares with friend and coworker Tricia Teasley a story of suffering, love and the healing touch of the Anchorage community. Edit credit: StoryCorps


A kitten for a dying man

Arleta Lefler & Theresa Gleason

Arleta talks to her colleague, Theresa, about nursing being more than a job and how a stolen moment with a kitten allowed a man with cancer to die at peace. Edit credit: audio by Alaska Public Media; animation by RockitWorks


A flame that came into my head

Sister Genevieve Osayame & Susan Halvor

Sister Genevieve Osayame’s spiritual awakening was akin to falling in love, she tells coworker Susan Halvor. From Africa to Alaska, Sister Genevieve has embraced the universal need for love, caring and someone to listen to. Edit credit: StoryCorps


How do we have any more tears left?

Ginny Shaffer & Lisa Solomonson

Friends Ginny Shaffer and Lisa Solomonson recall the passing of Ginny's infant son, Bryson. At the time, Lisa was a nurse who cared for Bryson and his twin sister, Holland. Both were born with heart defects. Ginny and Lisa bonded during the care of Bryson and Holland through this difficult time. Alaska Public Media



The big picture

Drs. Somchai “Sam” Supawanich & Martina Meier

Somchai “Sam” Supawanich, a surgeon-turned hospice patient, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and found solace he’d spend his last days with his wife of 50 years. Sadly, she died unexpectedly and he shares with hospice physician Dr. Martina Meier his meditative insights on the profoundness and impermanence of life. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Cavernous malformation

Tara Cowell & Jim Watson

Tara Cowell and colleague Jim Watson are attorneys for Providence St. Joseph Health. Tara shares how her struggle with a brain disorder compelled her to relinquish some of her Type-A super-mom/lawyer traits, and learn how to explore and appreciate the singular joys of her community. Edit credit: audio by Sean Collins; animation by RockitWorks Edit credit: RockitWorks


The septuagenarian graduate

Marvin Farber & Chaplain Kevin Deegan

Marvin Farber, 97, regales hospice chaplain Kevin Deegan with tales of working in the defense and insurance industries, experiencing a nervous breakdown and shock therapy, loving his wife, Lucy, and fulfilling a life-long ambition to earn a college degree in journalism when he was 79 years young. Edit credit: Sean Collins


The grateful patient

Peter Lynch & Patricia Modrzejewski

Peter Lynch survived quintuple bypass surgery years ago, and the experience moved him to give back to his community. The former Warner Bros. retail executive shares with Patricia Modrzejewski, Providence St. Joseph Health’s chief development officer, how the mission for caring for the poor and vulnerable drives him to serve the Providence St. Joseph Foundation. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Holding Aubrielle

Holly Rossiter & Debra Bolton

Holly Rossiter and her family sought the help of a Providence St. Joseph Health perinatal hospice program to help her deliver her baby, Aubrielle, who was diagnosed in utero with a terminal illness. Holly recounts the journey with nurse Debra Bolton and how the experience forever changed her. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Treading lightly

Annette Walker & Erik Wexler

Annette Walker, former president of strategy at Providence St. Joseph Health, shares with Erik Wexler, PSJH’s regional chief executive for Southern California, how her father could have benefited from less intensive medical care toward the end. She also reveals that a 14-day, 220-mile pilgrimage in Spain taught her that “it’s hard not to love people when you get to know people.” Edit credit: Sean Collins


Standing strong

Ali Santore & Dolores Costello

Ali Santore, vice president of government-public affairs at Providence St. Joseph Health, and her grandmother, Dolores Costello, trade insights on how five generations of strong women in their family – starting with a nurse in the Civil War – have raised, and continue to raise, strong women. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Finding her voice

Torrie Fields & Dr. Gregg VandeKieft

Torrie Fields, palliative care advocate, cancer survivor and senior program manager at Blue Shield in California, found her stronger voice as a patient through palliative care. She shares with Dr. Gregg VandeKieft, associate medical director at the Institute for Human Caring, how transformative the experience was for her and her oncologist. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Answering the call

Becky Nappi & Michael Drummond

Recovering journalists Becky Nappi, director of mission integration at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Wash., and Michael Drummond, director of communications at the Institute for Human Caring in Gardena, Calif., share how they heeded the power of calling and the spiritual forces that moved them to work at Providence St. Joseph Health. Edit credit: Sean Collins


A soulful force

Chaplain Denise Hess & Marianne Ayala

Chaplain Denise Hess worked alongside palliative care nurse Marianne Ayala for years. Denise, who has moved on to a new role in a different state, shares her belief that science and spirituality can coexist in health care, and how she is determined to serve as a harmonizing agent. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Scary, stubborn stones

Terri Warren & Jennifer Bellucci

Terri Warren, vice president at Providence TrinityCare Hospice, and Jennifer Bellucci, the organization’s chief nursing officer, unpack the fear surrounding Jennifer’s mother’s hospitalization for kidney stones and the impact the ordeal had on the family. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Confiding with a king

Jay Hess & Chloe Medrano

Jay Hess, donor relations coordinator for the TrinityCare Hospice Foundation, shares with colleague Chloe Medrano his career shift from building custom cars to raising money for children in hospice care. He also reveals his approach in asking for donations – molded by nuggets of wisdom he collected from the king of Bahrain. Edit credit: Tomorrow's Event Productions


Lungs filled with tumors, hearts filled with love

Bryce Fisher & Nancy Goodson

Days before his mother’s birthday, Bryce Fisher, then 21-years old, received heartbreaking news that he had a rare form of cancer. He and his mother, Nancy, sit down to recount those sobering days following the diagnosis, acknowledge the triumphs and miracles in the challenging times since, and speak about the ongoing journey that continues to bring them closer to one another. Edit credit: Tomorrow’s Event Productions


A nurse goes in for open-heart surgery

Lindsey Burrell & Julie Baker

Lindsey Burrell and her mother, Julie Baker, both ICU nurses at Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center in Torrance, Calif., talk about Lindsey’s open-heart surgery and how the experience has fundamentally changed their approach to nursing. Edit credit: StoryCorps


Touch becomes sacred

Ahmed Pierstorff & Coleen Dumenjich

Ahmed Pierstorff is a Muslim, and social touch of the opposite sex is prohibited. Yet, his job as a registered nurse often necessitates physical contact with the opposite sex. Here he shares with his mentor, Coleen Dumenjich, how he navigates his professional duties with his religious devotion. Edit credit: Tomorrow’s Event Productions


How can you take care of dying children?

Dr. Glen Komatsu

Dr. Glen Komatsu, chief medical officer of Providence TrinityCare Hospice & Regional Palliative Care, reflects on the clinical skill and emotional resilience required to care for dying children. He shares the story of 6-year-old Maddox, who faced death with insight and courage. Edit credit: Mike Addis


The hardest conversation I’ve ever had

Mary Kingston & Michael Jongsma

Mary Kingston, former chief executive of Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Centers in Torrance and San Pedro in Southern California, shares with Michael Jongsma, former chief nursing officer, the anguish of honoring her father’s wishes to be removed from a respirator, and why having an advance directive is a profound gift for loved ones. Edit credit: audio by StoryCorps; animation by RockitWorks


'You had a heart transplant?'

Pat Aidem & Richard Aidem

Pat Aidem's husband, Richard, received a donated heart from a 20-year-old. Richard tells the story of meeting the young man's mother one day, and how she wanted to listen to her son’s beating heart again. Edit credit: Tomorrow’s Event Productions


Encountering Eddie Van Halen

Michael Drummond & Roger Neill

Providence St. Joseph Health’s Michael Drummond talks with film composer Roger Neill about their departed friend, Eric, and his unreal encounter with rock guitar legend Eddie Van Halen. Edit credit: Mike Addis


Cancer – best thing that ever happened to me

Tue Nguyen & Jennifer Kozakowski

The Institute for Human Caring’s Tue Nguyen shares with mentor Jennifer Kozakowski how his bout with tongue cancer taught him to savor life and cherish what matters most. Edit credit: Mindy Fortune


I call this a gift

James Raspe & Chaplain Stephanie Ryu

James Raspe, an outdoors enthusiast and a patient at Providence St. Joseph Health, shares with chaplain Stephanie Ryu how his struggle with renal failure has given him the gift of empathy and a purpose to help others. Edit credit: Mindy Fortune


The secret to life

Dr. Ira Byock & Dr. BJ Miller

Dr. Ira Byock, founder and chief medical officer of the Institute for Human Caring, and Dr. BJ Miller, a palliative care physician at UCSF Medical Center, share thoughts on being in the moment, caring for seriously ill people, caring for yourself, and the secret to life. Edit credit: StoryCorps


“I’m not ready for palliative care!”

Rebekah Riemer & Dr. Colin Scibetta

Rebekah Riemer’s grandmother died shortly after being diagnosed with a form of leukemia. Nine months later, Rebekah was diagnosed with a similar disease. Now a palliative care nurse, she shares with Dr. Colin Scibetta her healing journey with the same palliative team that cared for her grandmother and the impact that’s had on her work. Edit credit: StoryCorps


She joined the team that cared for her aunt

Salve Bautista & Marianne Ayala

Salve Bautista’s aunt received palliative care through Providence St. Joseph Health, which awoke a passion in Salve for this field of medicine. The palliative staff at Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance were surprised and delighted when Salve re-entered their lives – this time not as a family member of a patient, but as a job applicant. Edit credit: StoryCorps


My mother the saint

Janice Steinbach & Michael Barton

Janice Steinbach’s father devastated her when he abandoned the family. Janice shares with Providence St. Joseph Health chaplain Michael Barton how the long road to reconciliation included a spiritual awakening. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Don’t add to the bad

Janice Steinbach & Michael Barton

Janice Steinbach credits her mother for teaching potent lessons on leading a good life, including not speaking ill of others and fostering a love of reading. ‘There’s way too much bad stuff in the world already,’ she quotes her mother. ‘Don’t add to it.’ Edit credit: Sean Collins


Shoes in the snow

Trisha Saul, Katherine Barney & David Delgado

A woman’s death by hypothermia might strike some as tragic. For nurse Trisha Saul and her mother, Katherine Barney, the passing of their family matriarch on a frozen porch was a peaceful, apropos ending for a beloved eccentric. Edit credit: Sean Collins


The best of care, the worst of care

Gary Ettinger

Gary and Jackie Ettinger were married for 46 years. In the autumn of 2015, while they were making plans for their retirement, Jackie was diagnosed with liver cancer. The ensuing journey was marked by compassionate, whole person care, as well as transactional, dysfunctional care. Edit credit: Sean Collins



Gimme shelter

Kenny Flaherty & Aaron Hoppe

Kenny Flaherty, a guest at St. Patrick House and patient at Providence St. Patrick Hospital, and relief coordinator Aaron Hoppe examine the miracle of treating people as whole persons, rather than as a sum of their diagnoses, and reflect on the Irish proverb, “It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.” Edit credit: Sean Collins


Ode to a “wild child”

Nurse Harriet Mentzer & Chaplain Gail Greener

Nurse Harriet Mentzer reveals to chaplain Gail Greener her experience raising a willful daughter she dubbed “a wild child.” The young girl found redemption and turned her life around. But then tragedy struck. Edit credit: audio by Sean Collins; animation by RockitWorks


"My Mommy Lives in Jail"

Fran Albrecht & Molly Adamson

Fran Albrecht, executive director of Providence Montana Health Foundation, shares with Molly Adamson, development officer for the foundation, how the poignant story of a little girl from a broken home helped motivate and inspire her to serve others. Edit credit: StoryCorps


Rediscovering childhood

Claudia Brown & Marylor Wilson

Octogenarians Claudia Brown and longtime friend Marylor Wilson relive Claudia’s childhood (mis)adventures in Butte, Mont., and how those days influence her free-spirit wonder today. Edit credit: Sean Collins



Doing right and good

Tomi Ryba & Gayle Johnson

Tomi Ryba, Providence St. Joseph Health chief executive for Southern Oregon, talks with Gayle Johnson, executive office manager at Providence St. Joseph Health in Medford, Ore., about why she adopted two Guatemalan children as an older adult and how her adult, biological children took the news. Edit credit: Sean Collins



Never give up

Naomi Richardson & Julie Konen

Nurse Naomi Richardson shares with recreational therapist Julie Konen how her dream man, Curtis, found her while she was caring for a patient (who happened to be Curtis’s girlfriend.) Naomi was a single mother of six children at the time. Curtis courted her; he married her; he helped raise the children. Naomi and Curtis were married 42 years until his death. Edit credit: Mike Addis


From trauma to trust

Ann Balthazor, Stacy Andres Younglove & Lamar Price

Lamar Price was shot in a random act of violence. His initial recovery was marked with anger, pain and confusion. Yet Providence St. Joseph Health dietician Ann Balthazor and nurse Stacy Andres Younglove helped ease Lamar’s way by getting to know him as a person, not just a patient. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Spiritual union

Mary Mitchell & John Galloway + Helene Walling

During a conversation at Providence Mount St Vincent, Mary Mitchell speaks with her friends John Galloway and Helene Walling about their relationship, family, and commitment to each other. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Life after loss

Harriet Schulman & Joan Nilon

Harriet Schulman, speaks with her friend, Joan Nilon, about her move in 2014 to Providence Mount St. Vincent in Seattle and her husband’s sudden death. She remembers his love for jazz music and shares finding joy again through excursions to places such as museums and the zoo. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Truth and justice

Sister Michele MacMillan & Sister Clare Lentz

Sister Michele MacMillan shares with Sister Clare Lentz about her life as a Dominican sister and witnessing an incident, which inspired her work in helping the Khum people build a community in Seattle. She talks about going from parish to parish asking for donations for the families. She recounts setting up educational programs to help people read and practice speaking English. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Love of the underdog

Leta Rosetree & Pam Sipos

Leta Rosetree talks to Pam Sipos about her experiences working for Elisabeth Kübler-Ross as a driver and sheep herder. She shares stories of what life was like living with the pioneer of near-death studies on a farm in Highland County, Virginia. Leta talks about Elisabeth’s support of AIDS patients, as well as cooking, yard sales and spinning wool. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Easing one’s way

Berit Koltveit & Sue Voorhies

Colleagues, Berit Koltveit and Sue Voorhies, discuss their work in hospice and reflect on the families they’ve served through the years. Sue, a veteran in nursing, offers support to her friend as she shares her stories and wisdom with Berit, who at the time was about to begin nursing school. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Miracle and rebirth

Harriet Thompson & Chaplain Mollie Mana'o

Harriet Thompson, a resident of Mount St Vincent, speaks with her friend and chaplain, Mollie Mana'o, about how they first met when Harriet came onto hospice service. She talks about her recovery from cancer and what that experience felt like. She also reflects about another life accomplishment, her 51 years of sobriety and finding her calling through that experience. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Journey to confidence

Chime Ohdon & Chaplain Cleo Molina

Mount St. Vincent caregiver Chime Ohdon tells chaplain Cleo Molina about her childhood in Tibet and a treacherous month-long journey to Nepal following her mother’s death. Welcomed by the Dalai Lama, her life travels took her to India and eventually to the United States. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Memory loss and laughter

Helene Walling & Mary Mitchell

Helene Walling shares with Mary Mitchell her struggle with memory loss and how she continues to engage her mind. Through all the challenges, Helene maintains a positive outlook and uses humor to deal with her situation. Edit credit: Sean Collins


All in the family

Lynn Taylor & Eileen McCloskey

Patient Lynn Taylor tells caregiver Eileen McCloskey about being adopted and her gratitude for her adoptive parents. They were full of love and patience and showed kindness toward other children. Through adoptions and fostering, the family grew to 19 children. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Honoring mom and dad

Amy Compton-Phillips & Louis Phillips

Amy Compton-Phillips, M.D., executive vice president and chief clinical officer at Providence St. Joseph Health, and her husband, Louis, reveal what it was like losing both sets of parents within several years and the lessons learned. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Animal attraction

Heidi Gold & Mary Mitchell

Heidi Gold has lived with a form of bone disease since birth. With limited mobility, she’s made it her life’s work to train dogs to help people, like her, who use wheelchairs to get around. She shares with Mary Mitchell a story of how her first dog, Nanook, helped her find joy. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Delivered from despair

Mike Roth & Story Squires and Pam Sipos

Transitional care unit patient Mike Roth, recovering from multiple hip replacements that have been occasioned by recurring MRSA infections, shares with Story Squires and Pam Sipos of Providence Mount St. Vincent in Seattle how an abusive and deprived childhood led him to devote his life to service for others. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Soulful sojourns

Sarah Cameron & Lorrie Shamarin

Sarah Cameron found her calling to help others while backpacking in Spain. Now a chief of strategy and planning at Providence St. Joseph Health, Sarah shares with friend and colleague Lorrie Shamarin life lessons from her journeys. Edit credit: David H. Bialik


The first waltz

John Farrell & Kay Farrell + Bonnie Swift

John and Kay Farrell rejoice in their 45-year marriage, starting with a spoken-word poem, and a conversation about the time they first laid eyes on each other, his ordeal with a quadruple bypass when the kids were young, and the lessons learned from a journey shared. Edit credit: David H. Bialik


The price of care

Susan Tuller & Cara K. Aguilera

Caregivers Susan Tuller and Cara Aguilera share thoughts on the ethics of for-profit elderly care and the joy felt from facilitating a wedding for a lesbian couple at the Providence ElderPlace Center. Edit credit: Sean Collins


One love

John Galloway & Helene Dee Walling + Mary Mitchell

John Galloway and Helene Dee Walling share expressions of love for each other ahead of their wedding. John had never been romantically involved until he met Helene. “I understand why people write songs about love,” he said. Edit credit: Sean Collins


Ambassador of the Mount

Doris Brown & Cleo Molina

Doris Brown, 94, lived through the Great Depression, when lunch often consisted of a boiled potato and she earned $5 a week cleaning houses. Now at Mount St. Vincent, Doris shares with Cleo Molina how those hard times instilled in her the rewards of compassion and caring for others. Edit credit: StoryCorps


Speaking the same language

Cristian Ramon & Kelly Kasner

Grief-support assistant Cristian Ramon tells colleague Kelly Kasner how she used Spanish and a video of her hiking to connect with and lift the spirits of a depressed and angry patient, paralyzed from the neck down. Edit credit: StoryCorps


Comfort clown

Lorrie Shamarin & Kelly Bryan

Hospice program coordinator Lorrie Shamarin walks colleague Kelly Bryan through the first time she donned a clown costume. It was in a children’s hospital in the former Soviet Union, where she brought joy to a dying child. (The famed Dr. Patch Adams figures into this story.) The conditions were grim. No TV. No toys. No medications. Edit credit: Sean Collins


240-year prison term

Lester Brown & Carolyn Scott Brown

Lester Brown was a notorious criminal in Detroit and was doing a 240-year prison sentence when he met a performance-improvement expert from the Pacific Institute. Lester, who has Alzheimer’s, and wife Carolyn Scott Brown recount how the encounter turned his life around. Lester learned to read, earned a college degree and instructed fellow inmates. Lester secured an early release, became an author and an inspiration for others. Edit credit: Sean Collins


He sees the future

John Shearer & Mary Mitchell

John Shearer tells Mary Mitchell about what he says is his unusual ability to foretell the future. While he says his psychic power alienated some, it animated his journey in other ways. John walked along life’s “razor’s edge” – with danger on one side and peace on the other – giving him what he says were some of the most incredible experiences anyone could hope for. Edit credit: Mike Addis


My new best friend

Mary Young & Becki Mullins

Newly met colleagues Mary Young and Becki Mullins share their journeys to Providence. Mary was laid off from a job she had for decades. She returned to school, pulled all-nighters, fell asleep during the test… and got a 92. Becki, a hospice volunteer, found graphic design following lots of loss of loved ones. The funeral book of one of her departed friends had spelling errors and was “ugly,” which motivated Becki to make a better book for her friend and pursue her creative passion. Edit credit: Mike Addis


It’s gonna be a good ride

Patricia Flaherty & Lindsay Troeppl

Patricia Flaherty, resident of Providence Mount St. Vincent for nine years, shares with Lindsay Troeppl how her life changed shortly after President Franklin Roosevelt delivered his famous Pearl Harbor speech, reciting the immortal words, “a day which will live in infamy.” Patricia recounts her career as a nurse, from training in Minnesota, to post-war dancing in Denver, from delivering babies in Seattle, to caring for polio patients in Los Angeles. Edit Credit: Mike Addis

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